• Legal
    and tax

    Legal and tax,
    in collaboration with our partners,
    law firms in Brussels and Hong Kong

    Legal and tax study and analysis of the company, of
    the entrepreneur, of the brands and of the patents.
    Consulting and tax optimization of the legal entity
    and of the individuals.
    Creation of legal entities fitted for the development
    of these new markets.
    Protection of the trademarks, patents and their registration if needed.
    Transfer of assets.
    Organization of the leaders’ status.
  • Administrative
    and financial

    Administrative and financial

    Business plan and establishing the need for potential funding.
    Contribution of local resources which may guide the project.
    Research funding from partners
    or from specialized funds.
    Implementation of financial partnerships.
    Opening of local bank accounts.
  • Marketing
    and commercial

    Marketing and commercial

    International development strategy;
    Positioning of brands, goods and
    services on targeted markets;
    Putting together the marketing project;
    Organizing the business partnerships;
    Assistance in negotiating and
    drafting contracts;
    Management of communication and
    advertising projects with local agencies.
  • Industrial


    Looking for existing structures and assistance
    regarding partial or total acquisition;
    Support for the setting up.
  • Monitoring and

    Monitoring and support

    Influence guides the operation in the short,
    medium and long term:

    » Regarding the legal, tax, administrative and
    financial aspects;

    » Regarding the marketing and commercial aspects;

    » Regarding the communication and advertising.
  • Commercial

    Commercial transactions

    Raising equity or other (debt);
    Purchase and sale:

    » Real Estate: vineyards, hotels, companies and
    industrial sites;

    » Art: impressionist, modern,
    post-war and contemporary art;

    » Commercial establishment and companies;

    » Setting up industrial operations and
    fund-raising, in particular in luxury,
    high technology and aerospace.

Global services,

commercial transactions:
a “360” offer
for new horizons on
an international basis