We are advisor on international business strategy implemented in Europe, in Brussels,
and in Asia, in Hong Kong.

Like a "family office" we are a “company office”.
Our mission is to support the interests of the company,
of its leaders and of its resources.

We design and manage the international deployment of our clients.

We step in to handle until the core of the specifics, constraints and local regulations, through a network we control and coordinate.  

We act as strategic, creative and pragmatic counsels, in compliance with the legal, tax and local financial contingencies, using resources trained abroad.

Our experience of the international and of the disciplines which govern the markets, combined with the local expertise of our partners, allow us to provide comprehensive service
to our clients.

We strive to guide companies, their projects and their brands, but also their leaders and their assets towards a favorable economic growth environment. Our role is to facilitate the international development of our clients as well as their investments, in the mid-term.

We provide these services in the long term, as an annual support.

Finally, we provide an economic, legislative, political, marketing and commercial observation to understand better the trends governing the international flows and thus enable our clients to anticipate them.


implements, develops and guides
companies, their brands,
their projects and their leaders
on international markets